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Startup Consulting

Did you know that Research Universities were instrumental in developing Silicon

W&B consulting is a research and startup consulting firm focused on working with potential and existing entrepreneurs in the African space to build sustainable businesses. We are committed to keeping early stage businesses informed through extensively researched articles, trends and tips in the Business world.

It is often said that failure is inevitable in business and experience is the best teacher but it does not have to be your experience. Hence at W&B, we are committed to working collaboratively to minimize the failure rate of startups by proffering proven business strategies.

Acting as business coaches and deal-makers we offer hands-on assistance in managing startups and small-scale businesses. We offer more than just a set of nice rhyming nuggets or high sounding advice, we take your hand and walk with you through the growth process.

Critical evaluations of your business proposition, creative ideas, candid opinions, assessing target market, price optimization, close follow up clients, referrals and networking platforms are some of the value-ads you can expect.

Target Market

  1. Early stage startups (operating in the informal and formal economy).
  2. Undergraduates and recent graduates (undergrad interns, apprentices, graduate trainees, junior staff).


  1. Mid-large scale firms (jobs, internships).
  2. Digital technology firms (digital solutions, startup hub events).
  3. Agricultural farms (apprenticeship, training –towards getting a crop of young farmers – long term).
  4. Handymen & other handwork’s (furniture makers, electricians, hair salons, fashion designers, bakery, florists, plumbers etc. – internships; short term)- Towards building a pool of professional handymen-long term.

Career Coach Services

We recognize that individuals as well as businesses have such huge potential inherent in them. Often times the challenge is expressing it in a well-informed, audacious manner that is guaranteed to bring remarkable success.

As a complementary service, W & B aims to tackle youth unemployment and
underemployment by helping individuals at undergraduates & graduate level to build professional resumes, cover letters and work portfolios.

We recognize that not everyone needs to own a startup, hence with the W&B career coaching services, we position undergraduates and graduates for the job market. Our major focus is on junior-mid level roles.