The Why of W&B

Often times, people have great business ideas but seem crippled due to various reasons (real and imagined). Some talk about capital – inadequate funds to start, lack of manpower, the fear of failure, not enough time and so many other legitimate hitches. A few people are able to cross the hurdles and “just do it” but still struggle to survive. At best some remain at a hand-to-mouth stage almost all through the business life, while a handful succeed. Interestingly, it has been established that three out of every four venture backed startups fail. The statistics are particularly worrisome in a world where there is a huge mismatch between the number of graduates and the jobs available.

The good news is that there is a wide, under-explored range of indigenous and mainstream solutions that help build sustainable businesses in Africa. This is why W&B consulting was birthed. We do not promise to solve the entire unemployment/startup failure problem, but we attempt to handle a large chunk of it, one Startup at a time. W&B consultants team up with aspiring and budding start-up founders to help them tackle indigenous business challenges, address peculiar problems, and attain sustainable growth.

Our Vision

To build African startups that evolve to become large scale organizations.

Our Principles:

Collaboration, Competition & Personalized service

Our Mission

To increase the survival rate of startups by creating viable and sustainable businesses that do well by
doing good, adhering to utmost moral, ethical and professional standards

Meet Ese Orighoyegha

Ese Orighoyegha is a business strategist with over 8 years of professional experience in consulting, management and leadership working in the financial service, fashion and manufacturing Industries as well as post-graduate educational sector. She holds a first degree in Economics & Development Studies and an MA in International Business Management. Beyond these, she is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management.

A seasoned Researcher in the field of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship with a keen interest in SME development and performance. She carries out extensive, grounded studies on social, indigenous and sustainable entrepreneurship at Lagos Business School. Prior to this, she had garnered over 5 years of experience as a Relationship Manager working in the international trade finance space within the financial services industry.

With a perfect blend of academia and industry practice, Ese has worked with a number of startups in various industries – tech based startups, health, fashion, education and transport space to name a few, offering strategic, financial and operational solutions to help them grow. On a voluntary basis, she mentors teenage girls and youth on a personal level.